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Bereavement & Loss


Coping with the loss of a loved one can be one of life’s biggest challenges and one of the most painful experiences we can go through . But there are other types of losses too that can bring grief upon us ; for example the loss of a pet , (which I experienced myself several months ago) , losing your job , losing your health, suffering from a miscarriage , moving home or children growing up and leaving. . And we can also experience a sense of grieving over lost aspirations , hopes and ambitions , and loss of identity and much more. 

But I believe that everyone is unique in their way of grieving and that it’s normal to experience a range of emotions when we lose someone or something .  The most common feelings people have reported are shock, disbelief, denial anger and guilt but there are many more . 

For  example, do you lie awake at night ruminating about what you could have done to prevent the loss? Or do you have thoughts that life isn’t worth living or that you wished you had died too with your loved one ?  

Sometimes it may seem as if you have no feelings at all except a sense of numbness and you don’t know what you’re supposed to feel . This is often the experience of those whose who have not been listened to in the past or whose feelings have rarely been acknowledged. 

Confronting our losses need not result in despair or feel as if we’re stripping away our whole purpose in life. And the consequences of not doing so and pushing away our feelings can lead to all kinds of problems such as depression , health issues , dependency on drug prescriptions or alcohol .   

Its not not easy sometimes to talk to family or close friends about it as you may feel they have there own  grieving process to go through and you might feel that bringing it up only reminds them of their own pain and suffering. 

By coming to see me you can expect to feel 100% listened to , without judgement or bias. We will focus on whatever you feel is right for you. We will collaborate to find ways that acknowledge and accept what has happened to you and explore what can and can’t be changed.  












































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Rita Brophy

I work within the ethical framework of the BACP and strictly abide by their Code of Ethics . I am fully insured and receive regular supervision from a highly qualified Practitioner to ensure my clinical standards remain at a high level.

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