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Do you often feel you can’t get up in the morning or find it hard having to face people? Or maybe ways of taking care of yourself such as cooking a meal can seem overwhelming? Perhaps your mind is constantly telling you how useless you are or that you should ‘get over it’?  

Depression is disempowering and affects everyone in their own unique way. It is debilitating and shouldn’t be confused with short-term emotional distress, anxiety attacks or feeling low, although these are also parts of feeling depressed. It’s much more serious than that, and can accompany persistent feelings of sadness, loneliness, grief, uselessness, and emotional pain.  

When working with me, you’ll find me actively collaborating with you to discover the underlying  issues and dealing with them with my support. You’ll discover strategies and new ways of coping in order to manage your feelings in a better way.  

My approach is integrative which means I can understand your problem from a diverse range of perspectives and this enables me to be effective in finding a way that we can work together successfully.  

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Rita Brophy

I work within the ethical framework of the BACP and strictly abide by their Code of Ethics . I am fully insured and receive regular supervision from a highly qualified Practitioner to ensure my clinical standards remain at a high level.

Member of the Brighton & Hove Therapy Hub: