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Rita Brophy Therapy: Integrated Counselling in Brighton & Hove

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Do you often feel depressed or anxious?

Are the old ways of coping not working anymore? Sometimes it can seem as if there is nowhere to turn or no-one to turn to; it feels as if nobody understands. When life gets hard, it’s often easy to just hope things will get better, but when left, things can often get worse.

I am a counsellor and I work with hundreds of individuals who suffer from depression and anxiety and have brought hope and harmony into many of their lives. If you want to make that change, you don’t need to struggle alone. You can call or email me now for an initial consultation and we can talk about your issues and how we might work together.

How can I help you?

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Am I the right fit for you?

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“The curious paradox is that when I accept myself as I am, then I can change”

– Carl Rogers

“I never realised what a huge sense of guilt I’ve been carrying since mum died all these years yet you guided me through the process of seeing that what happened was not my fault. Since the weight has been lifted from my shoulders you’ve helped me with other issues and I will never forget what you’ve taught me”


“From the start, Rita was professional, insightful and challenging without being aggressive. I did need someone to challenge my preconceived ideas and negative thoughts about myself and the world. This I feel is a professional skill and not one that every counsellor can do effectively. I wanted desperately to change and she was my catalyst. Rita gave me back my zest for life”.


“I thought counselling might help me overcome some of my phobias but I didn’t expect it could make such a difference to my life in general. I’m not ashamed anymore and realise they were a perfectly logical way of coping in order to protect myself that I had developed since childhood”


Rita Brophy

I work within the ethical framework of the BACP and strictly abide by their Code of Ethics . I am fully insured and receive regular supervision from a highly qualified Practitioner to ensure my clinical standards remain at a high level.

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