5 Self-Care Techniques for Self-Esteem


I had a really busy day last week and missed an important appointment. I felt I had really let myself down and felt guilty for letting the other person down too. I felt bad for the rest of the day.

If you’ve ever had one of those days when you felt tough on yourself then you’ll know how it impacts your day.

So I’ve put together these 5 self-care strategies for people who have those moments. Those who forget to appreciate their strengths and neglect to be kind to themselves.

1. EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique

5 Self-Care Techniques for Self-Esteem

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a great way to interrupt negative thoughts about yourself and you can shift your mood in minutes by tapping on specific points in your body, while at the same time making a statement about how you’re feeling in that moment.

Example: you can say out loud, “Even though I feel I’ve let myself down, I still love and accept myself completely,” while simultaneously tapping onto the points on your face and other parts of your body.

To get a proper demonstration of this technique, I suggest you look on YouTube. It’s very simple and you don’t need lots of training to be able to use it effectively. Or look on my website for more details, and contact me for a session.

2. Getting in touch with your inner child

5 Self-Care Techniques for Self-Esteem

Often, the way we feel is related to an experience in the past and although we’re not aware of it, getting in touch with the younger version of ourselves really helps us to have more compassion for ourselves as adults.

Write a letter: find yourself a space, imagine a younger version of yourself and write that younger you a love letter. Tell them how wonderful they are, how proud you are of them and what you love about them.  Get in touch with them and enjoy the playful aspects of being a child.

Remember: being childish is not the same as being childlike. So, get in touch with your inner child and be creative again.

3. Visualisation

5 Self-Care Techniques for Self-Esteem

Settle into a space where you won’t be interrupted, close your eyes and take some nice deep breaths.   Allow yourself to relax in the chair.

Remember a time when you felt loved. This might be a memory from childhood, when your partner said something appreciative to you, or when your child said they loved you. It could be when your dog looks at you lovingly or even when a neighbour says thank you for taking in their parcel.

Allow yourself to feel that in your body and appreciate the feeling it gives you. Amp up that feeling and bask in it for five minutes.

Now allow yourself to come back to the room.

4. Taking a 20-minute walk in nature

5 Self-Care Techniques for Self-Esteem

Why don’t you put that device down, get your shoes on and take a walk outside. Watching the clouds or listening to the birds allows us to appreciate the present moment, just as it is.

Sense the calmness and spaciousness of being surrounded and supported by nature and imagine the energy of the universe itself flowing into your being.

5. Mirror gazing

5 Self-Care Techniques for Self-Esteem

I’ve found this to be a powerful way to help us take responsibility for our own emotions and be kinder to ourselves. Here, the mirror is the focal point.

This is not to be confused with looking at your appearance. It is in fact the opposite. The focus is not your appearance but how you’re feeling.

Sit or stand in front of a mirror. Deeply look into your face with compassion.

Your only intention is to be kind to yourself – that’s all, no agenda. Give yourself as much time as you have available. It can be powerful.

Some people have found that by doing this daily they’ve become really aware of their critical thoughts, as what’s been hidden in the background of their mind quickly comes into the foreground.

So, next time you notice you’re being hard on yourself or need a mental break, try going up to the bathroom for a few minutes and looking into a mirror.

Remembering your true worth

Having healthy self-esteem means having true self-compassion too. That means not giving ourselves a hard time when we slip up. I hope these techniques help you to remember your true worth.

In fact, I can’t really say it better than RuPaul, the American drag queen:

“If you can’t love yourself, how the hell can you love someone else?”

Amen to that!

If you find you’re not looking after yourself and self-love takes a back seat, why not contact me now and let’s see if we can help make YOU more of a priority in your life.

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